Buzz sponsors Harrison Malin in the UK P1 Aqua X Championship

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10175210 1414913905462089 440611189 n 14 year old Harrison Malin is taking part in the UK P1 Aqua X Championship 2014, and Buzz Sweets are proud to sponsor him. The UK P1 Aqua X is an offshore jetski racing championship, consisting of 6 rounds based across the UK






We are proud to have recently started sponsoring Harrison Malin, a young man who at 14, who is still at school is jet skiing in the UK P1 Aqua X Championship this year. This year he will be competing in the Championship, which is offshore jet ski racing with 6 rounds and the season opener beginning in London. The championship is a new style of watercraft competition for sea-riding enthusiasts, and is different to other events as it takes place at sea . Harrison

The championship is made up of a series of events where competitors earn points towards overall championship titles with three races over the course of each event. Harrison has a passion for Jet-skis and has now decided to have a go at racing for the first time this year.


We wish him the best of luck and will will be keeping up to date with all of Harrison success.


You can read more about Harrison and the P1 Aqua X on the championship website:






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