This is a short view of our company history, highlighting some of the big developments in our years since our begging, up to where we are today...


Founding of the company

In 1991 the company’s owner    run a Video shop in Tottenham, North London. For his store he started to produce and package popcorn and named the products ‘Buzz’. He quickly had the idea to develop this further and started to produce more of the products and sell them to other video rental stores, independent shops, grocers and newsagents.

These are the very first Buzz Popcorn bags designed...



Over the next two years the products sold so well, he spotted even further opportunities and quickly expanded the range to include bagged Sweets and a range of Nuts & Snacks. Today the Nut products are packaging under the ‘Philon’ brand, but the two divisions are still run and sold together.

In these early days it was a hard struggle, the owner and his wife would hand pack the products in the evening and travel around London daily searching for new customers and supplying their existing ones. As business developed, in order to keep up with volumes, it became necessary to invest in some packaging machinery and a small industrial unit. Over the next few years the company grew, taking on its first few employees. This is one of the first Buzz Sweets packets a copy of; to start with the price mark was 49p. The popular 39p range we have today was not come until some years later.

These are images of the earliest Nuts packing we have a copy of:



As the years went on the packaging design for the Nuts & Sweet bags were developed and in 1996 the design below was created & used. As well as a new design, the packets changed from a 49p price point to 59p. This then remained unchanged for many years.



Further changes were made to the sweets design in 2000, this included the important addition of the Buzz song “I Buzz, You Buzz, We Buzz, Lets All Buzz, Buzz, Buzz” which remains on the sweet packaging today.




In 2004 Buzz launched its first and ever successful 39p or 3 for £1 range of sweets and we were one of the first to the market to supply this size and priced product. After much careful planning, the owner decided it was time investment into brand new packing machinery which could pack products twice as fast as the current machinery and enable them to produce the smaller packets at a much faster at a rate that would keep up with the demands he foresaw. It was a huge financial investment and an enormous risk.

However after all the years of deliberating and planning the range, the product was a huge success. Since the launch, the company developed massively and saw growth rate of 50-60% year on year in the following 5 years alone. Even with the small distribution team at the time, the products swamped the London market and Buzz quickly gained over 3000 retail customers in London and Home Counties alone.

However, it also must be said that our dedication to providing only the highest quality products and refusing to stock anything less is also accountable our current success.

These are images of the first 39p range of sweets:



New Factory

In 2007 exciting things happened for Buzz, after moving several times over the past few years and each time outgrowing the premises, we decided to invest in a brand new building that would sustain us for the long term future. The brand new factory meant big things for us, as we could now fully copy with demands. The building encompasses our packaging facility, warehousing storage and new offices, where some of our 30 plus employees work.

Images of our factory can be seen on the ‘The Factory’ page.



2011 was quite an exciting year for Buzz, we had two completely new product launches and a major revamp on the 39p range of sweets.

The first product to launch was a brand new range of Large Bags. For Buzz this was the first ever range of un-price marked bags and they were much bigger than anything that had been done before, weighing 150g per packet. This range of products is still continued today, with all of our usual favourites, just in a bigger way!

The second new product for 2011 was the re-launch of Buzz Popcorn! Back in 2007 when we moved premises, initially we did not have the facility to produce popcorn, so for quite a few years the product was discontinued. Then we made our new popcorn production area and it was bought back to market in 2011. The range includes 3 flavours, Salted, Sweet & Toffee. New and attractive packaging was designed for the range.  



Today, nearly 20 years on Buzz has grown into a successful organisation supplying all types of retailers across the country & still maintaining over 3000 retail customers in London alone. The company is still a family run concerns and the owner still believes in his dream. When asked, he will say that hard work, ambition, passion and vision are what have brought the Company to where it is today.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their business, many of which have been with us since our beginning.


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